How Youth for Christ missionary staff are supported

What is staff support?
Staff support is simply donations made to Youth for Christ from family, friends and acquaintances of a particular staff member, which enables Youth for Christ to care financially for that staff position.

Who sets the salary?
The Board of Directors of YFC set the salary level of each missionary staff member.

What if there is a shortfall?
Staff only receive their full salary if adequate funds come in designated to their staffing position. A shortfall in support means only a partial salary.

What if there is a surplus?
Staff are encouraged to maintain an account surplus equivalent to at least one month’s salary.  This provides staff with enough time to write to their ministry partners should YFC experience a shortfall in donations during a given month. Any surplus remains designated in its entirety to the staff position, but monthly remuneration never exceeds the predetermined salary level set by the Board. If staff have potential back pay due to a previous shortfall, they are entitled to receive it if their staff position account reaches a surplus position.

Will my donation be designated to a particular staffing position?
Our policy is that we credit the amount of the entire gift to the staffing position.

Are there any exceptions?
In the event that a staff member leaves the ministry of Youth for Christ with a surplus in the staffing position support account, the surplus is transferred to a staff subsidy account to be used to assist staff experiencing hardship as the result of a shortfall.

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